Elektronikus Könyv és Nevelés

Volume 7 – Number 1 – 2005



Pedagogy of reading


Textbooks, teaching aids

Youth literature

History of Education

News – Outlook

Table of contents


Mihály Balogh: Show








Andrea Dömsödy: Textbooks on using libraries, and scientific character of the age     




Sándor Katsányi: Ervin Szabó and the school libraries     




Ágnes Szabolcsi, Mrs. Szerafin: School libraries and pieces of reading between 1920 and 1940




Zsuzsa Kucska: The children's library on the „Liszt Ferenc Square”




Andrea Dömsödy: Comprehensive material, compiled in sections organized by types of the school-libraries within the frames of the Second National Conference of librarians-teachers, held in Budapest, on 29. 10, 2004






Pedagogy of reading




Kornél Vajda: Paradoxes of reading in childhood and young age     




Géza Balázs: Do the culture of language, propagation of the knowledge that of, and language teaching begin to decline?




Ferenc Kardos: Thoughts about education of the Romany children, to help them to become readers     




Nóra Ligethy: Must they acquire the knowledge of reading by Christmas(?)










List of compulsory reading pieces, poems, and prosaic texts selected from Hungarian language and literature, and to be known by heart


What Do the Professionals Think About the Compulsory Readings in the 21st Century?






Anna Jászó, Mrs. Adamik: Lists of Compulsory Readings and Pieces To Be Known by Heart from 1943






Judit Nagy, Mrs. Bácskai: Ideas About the List of Compulsory Readings of the Grammar School in Karcag






Zoltán Bíró: Compulsory Readings – Pieces To Be Known by Heart in the 1940’s






Csilla Gáti: The First Impressions of a Hungarian Language Teacher of Today About the Lists of Compulsory Readings and Pieces To Be Known by Heart






Sándor Mohos: Onto a Document’s Margin






Attila Nagy: "The Lasting Treasure of Spiritual Life"






László Nagy: "The Lasting Treasure" of Learning: Pieces To Be Known by Heart






Pál Szontagh: Some Thoughts In Connections With Lists of Compulsory Readings and Pieces To Be Known by Heart






Emőke Szabó: National Education - Compulsory Readings - Pieces To Be Known by Heart


The forum is open for further opinions and remarks.






Textbooks, teaching aids




Sándor Mohos: Hungarian novels of the past sixty years




Introduction of the Publishing House „Tankönyvmester” (Master of Textbooks)




Erzsébet Fercsik: How to write? Árpád kori or Árpád-kori (belonging to the period of Árpád)




Ildikó Apró Jablonszki: Series of overhead transparencies on history






Youth literature




Kirsi Rantala: The enchanting world of the Mumin valley




János Lukáts: Prose for children






History of Education




Kata B. Várhelyi: Collection of textiles




László Jáki: The history of the Presbyterian Secondary School of Mezőtúr




András Nádasi: Teaching aids for demonstration of optical experiments: the Hartl-disc & the optical bench






News – Outlook





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