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Geometodika3. évf. 2. sz. (2019.)



  • Móga János ,
    Gönczy Sándor ,
    Berghauser Sándor ,
    Móga Kristóf :

    Abstract: Rock salt is one of the most valuable mineral raw material of the Carpathians and the Carpathian basin that has been mined for thousands of years in the Transylvanian and Maramureş basin, as well as in Solotvyno (Aknaszlatina). Rock salt, folded into saltdiapirs – often reaching the surface, or being very close to it, – has been possible to be excavated from open-cast or underground mines. The industrial-scale salt mining in the Carpathian basin started in the late 18th century. In Solotvyno in the first decade of the 21st century a large amount of water poured into the mine passages, since the pumping of which costed too much the management of the mines. Water intrusions caused massive damage in salt mines, often resulting in flooding and later the collapse of salt shafts. Mine passages slumped more frequently, creating larger and smaller sinkholes and salt lakes, evolving in the place of cave breakdowns and endangering the settlement. As a consequence, many people lost livelihood. It is an important task for researchers and decision makers to find a way out of this disaster.

    Keywords: Solotvyno saltmines, collapses, geohazard, saltkarst, sinkholes, damage management


  • Pásztor Dóra :

    Abstract: Development of spatial orientation is one of the ultimate goals of education. However, achieving this goal can be difficult, since the restricted school curricula result in limited possibilities regarding practice-oriented studies. A teaching plan consisting of six lessons is presented in this study for the purpose of improving spatial orientation skills of ninth grade students. The easily expendable lessons are closely connected to each other. The development plan is adapting to limited length of lessons in high school, as a result most of the activities can be carried out in the classroom. Nevertheless, it is also important to facilitate fieldwork for the students.

    Keywords: spatial orientation, teaching geography, map use, practice-oriented education development plan, competence development



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