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Geometodika2. évf. 2. sz. (2018.)



  • Kiss Judit ,
    Reyes Nunez José Jesús :

    Abstract: In the last years research projects were developed on the use of Web-based map serviceson teaching activities at Secondary level. Inspired by these projects, a research was organized on how collaborative cartography can support the Geography teaching activities in Hungarian Secondary Schools. The idea was tested in the Fazekas Mihály Secondary School in Budapest, counting with the participation of a 9th grade group formed by 31 pupils. The survey was formed by a short questionnaire to determine the knowledge on map-based services on the Web; a presentation on Google map services and Google My Maps anda practice to make a map. Homework was also given: the creation of an own map on a topic related to the Geography of Water, working in teams of two or three pupils. Thirteen maps were created, which were evaluated by the authors according to four categories: the use of symbols, colours, layers and the grade of detail of data. The experience working with the pupils was positive: the maps evaluated as high, appropriate and average can be considered works of good quality, which include personal solutions to improve and organize the represented information. This research is an introduction to a more complex project on Collaborative Cartography for Hungarian Elementary and Secondary Schools.

    Keywords: collaborative cartography, geographical education, Web 2.0, Google Maps, secondary schools

  • Szilassi Péter ,
    Szőllősy László :

    Abstract: Nowadays unfortunately the geography is underrepresented in the Hungarian education system. It is not easy to define exactly the reasons of this bad situation, but according the authors it is necessary to revise the Hungarian Geography Curriculum (HGC). The opinion of Hungarian primary and secondary school teachers were asked about the recent curriculum. More than one hundred respondent answered the questions. The respondents underlay that the HGC is thronged, and there are too much lexical knowledgebased items in it. According to most of the respondents it is needed to change them into more problem-oriented, exercise- and competence-based education standards. Based on previous studies it can be concluded, that the usefulness of the geographical knowledge is not clear for most of the geography teachers, and for the secondary school students, too. Our and previous studies show that the new curriculum should focus more attention on the connection between the real life and the geography education.

    Keywords: geography curriculum, online questionnaire, problem oriented education


  • Varjas János :

    Abstract: The new generations are going to grow up in a continuously changing world of the 21. century, thus, they are needed to be prepared to face it’s challenges. The profession of teaching needs to be modified according to these new circumstances, because up-to-date learning is hardly achievable by the traditional, lexical knowledge-based education. The teachers have to build on the activation of prior knowledge and problem solving and reasoning skills.

    Has to create creative and motivating tasks and games to convince students to work independently or even as a group. The tasks and games should be lined up to a Development Plan, that focuses a special part of the endless network of competences. This article’s main objective is to display a Development Plan that focuses to develop advanced social and citizen’s skills, and furthermore competences that helps to be successful in the modern business life. These two areas are important parts of the eight key competences that are appear in the Hungarian national curriculum. The Development Plan is adapted to the Hungarian geography subject’s human geography chapters, what are mainly focuses on the global and national challenges of the 21. century, creating a great opportunity to develop skills that are mentioned above.

    Keywords: human geography, development plan, social and citizen’s skills, bussines competences


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