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(T)error&elhárítás2017. 3. sz.



  • Somodi Zoltán :
    Hogyan kerülhető el a magyarországi börtöniszlamizáció?4-35 [660.37 kB - PDF]EPA-02932-00012-0010

    Abstract: The Islam is in a phase of global expansion. Its primary scene is Europe actually. There are three ways of expansion: immigration, conversion and on demographic way by the natural growth of population. This article is dealing mostly with a very special form of the second way i. e. with the conversion into the Islam in the penitentiary and correctional institutions. This form of conversion means very serious security risks which have already been detected and warned by other countries where its dimensions are much larger than in Hungary. We should use this advantage of being in the position of prevention to prepare the Hungarian penitentiary institutions for the possible situation when a larger number of Islamic inmates will be held there. The article’s actuality enhances by the cases of Ahmed H. and two other Hungarian citizens who wanted to join the ISIS’s Jihad. As it is foreseen they will spend a longer time in the Hungarian correction and penitentiary system.


  • Nagy Sándor :
    Az Európai Unió kongói missziója : „EUSEC-RD Congo”36-66 [701.97 kB - PDF]EPA-02932-00012-0020

    Abstract: The European Union's mission to the Congo, the EUSEC RD Congo, started in 2005, now 10 years of operation in the Congolese security sector, within the territory of the Congolese national army rebuilding. The initial mandate continued expansion made it possible to engender over the years is the condition of a previous target that the state power is a pillar, the army starts on the road, which provides for the environment and capacity to prepare from performing the duties of sovereignty and territorial territory integrity.


  • Laufer Balázs :

    Abstract: The present study makes intent to highlight the condition to state the national security risk by the counter-intelligence, or which are the circumstances for a law enforcement agency to reject an application of a foreign citizen (due to national security reasons) thus the applicant will not receive permission for temporary stay or permanent residence in Hungary. In order to present these circumstances I consider necessary to analyze the risks for the national security.



  • Veress Gábor ,
    Bács Zoltán György :

    Abstract: The aim of the present study is to help to know and understand the terrorism in Northern Ireland, rarely highlighted in the Hungarian political literature. The authors analyze in details the conditions led to the terrorism in Northern Ireland and the history of actions committed by the IRA. Applying a new approach the authors present the international connections of the of the IRA, its structure and the main leaders, the new security environment, challenges and the ongoing transformations.

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