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(T)error&elhárítás2016. 1. sz.



  • Rácz Lotti :

    Abstract: Considering these aspects this study aims to sum and introduce the differencies between the internal, member state interest and higher, communal expectation. The relation between the national and the EU jurisdiction will be determined by the idea of the member state’s sovereignty. The defence and enforcement of national security is not only a constitutional aim, but a state commitment as well, mainly nowadays, when people and global security experts aren’t dealing with the existence but the appearance of terrorism.

Hibrid hadviselés

  • Resperger István :

    Abstract: At the present time to spread Islamic State, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict of indicators that give indications of military scientists to thoroughly examine the emerging issues of military science, changes. we need to threats by the theories suitable answers. The aszimmetrikus- and hybrid warfare requires a new kind of approach to the theory and practice of military science professionals. The author of the characteristics and purpose, content to be used against hybrid operations against asymmetric and hybrid operations presents.


  • Elek Balázs :

    Abstract: Before the effective date of the new Act on Criminal Code (2012) poaching wasn’t considered as an independent felony. The reasons of that were partly historical and social. However the legislator realised that the danger of poaching extends beyond the harm caused by the theft of the quarry. In some parts of the world there are already existing certain type of cross-border, joint criminal acts such as illegal hunting and fishing, drug and human trafficking and terrorist threats.

Összehasonlító elemzés

  • Somodi Zoltán :

    Abstract: The year 2016 will see two important international sports events, the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and the UEFA Euro 2016 Championship. Both events are subject to a serious terrorist threat. This article will attempt to compare the threat level these two events must face. The comparison will be made along two main lines - intent and capability -, and further divided into two subcategories. Ideology and the chance to achieve large publicity will determine the intent of potential attackers, and their capabilities to attack will be determined by the risk they have to face and the support base at their disposal in each country. In my opinion, the threat of a terrorist-type attack against the UEFA Euro 2016 Championship is greater, mainly because of the support base of potential attackers in Europe.

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