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(T)error&elhárítás2015. 1. sz.


  • Beke József ,
    Dr. Hegyes Gabriella :

    With the appearance of the first symbolic figure of modern international terrorism, namely Carlos „The Jackal”, the secret services operating during the Cold War also faced a new challenge. The first formal Hungarian Counterterrorist Unit was established precisely in relation to Carlos, with the unching of the so called C-79 file, in order to try and avert the threats associated with Carlos and guarantee Hungary’s security. In addition, the international political environment did not really assist the Unit’s activities: exchange of information with the western partner agencies was practically impossible for them, as one of the secret services of the eastern bloc countries. Besides, it was also apparent that Carlos was protected and sheltered by the Middle-Eastern countries and secret services, and even certain Eastern-European secret services, rather than chasing Carlos, used him for achieving their goals.

  • Dr. Kasznár Attila ,
    dr. Pocskai Ákos :
    A demokráciaterjesztés terroraspektusú kockázatai [286.21 kB - PDF]EPA-02932-00007-0020

    In recent years accepting the democratic scale of values has become the bench-mark both of social and economic development and of willingness for peaceful coexistence, and has been defined as one of the primal requirements of belonging to the globalised world. However, linking the fight against terrorism with the spread of democracy raises several questions and problems.

  • dr. Neparáczki Anna Viktória :

    Since the entry into force of Act IV of 1978 on the Criminal Code the act of terrorism is punishable according to the Hungarian criminal law. The preparation of an act of terrorism is the earliest stadium, on execution of which the terrorist perpetrator can and has to be held criminally liable. Therefore, it is a key issue to clarify the preparatory activities and behaviour forms observable in our environment on the accomplishment of which the lone actor aspiring to commit an act of terrorism is iminally liable, and the mere suspicion of the earliest stadium of an act of terrorism can be stablished.

  • Dr. Nógrádi György ,
    Dr. Virág Attila :

    This essay wishes to throw light on the history of the South Stream Pipeline from the point of view of Eastern and Central- and Southern-European political matches in order to serve as a guideline for the more complex interpretation of the geopolitical strife behind future regional skirmishes. After the conclusion of the South Stream Pipeline Project several Eastern and Central-European and Balkan region countries were facing a serious natural gas supply dilemma.