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(T)error&elhárítás2014. 2. sz.


  • Dr. Böröcz Miklós :

    This study examines the possible links between illegal migration and terrorism. Public opinion attaches a serious terror relevancy to this phenomenon, especially nowadays. Terrorist acts committed in the US, Europe and Canada after 9/11 and perpetrators’ legal status were included in the research. We can draw a number of conclusions from the research also about the security risks posed by illegal migrants, which is also included in the study.

  • Kasznár Attila :
    Az ujgur terrorizmus háttere [267.82 kB - PDF]EPA-02932-00006-0020

    Terrorist attacks are expected in PRC to take place traditionally in the western parts of the country, inhabited by the Uyghur in Xinjiang, and occasionally in Tibet. Overall we can say that due to China’s growing international role, geopolitical significance and active participation in countering terrorism, terrorist threat is growing steadily in the country. Uyghur terrorism and the Chinese government counter measures are extremely controversial around the world. Beijing’s war on terror is considered problematic in several democratic states because it is not clear at all that law enforcement action is directed only and exclusively against the militant Uyghur organisations which commit terrorist acts, or it also has nationality targets. The present study focuses on the examination of the background of the Uyghur separatist terrorist attacks. In order to understand the events it is necessary to review the historical background of the Uyghur-Han relationship, to record the ethnic and religious haracteristics, and to present the organisational features of Uyghur separatism.

  • Dr. Somoskövi Áron :
    A radikalizáció megelőzése és egy EU projekt: CoPPRa [250.11 kB - PDF]EPA-02932-00006-0030

    In 2010, during the Belgian Presidency of the EU, 11 Member States, including Hungary, launched a collaboration within the CoPPRa project whose primary goal is to provide useful knowledge and a toolkit for the uniformed staff enabling early detection of the radicalization process; in turn it enables the right people affected by the project to prevent possible terrorist attacks in the future.

  • Szíjártó Lívia :

    The evolvement and evolution of the virtual world resulted in new perspectives and opportunities for criminals and extremist groups. The traditional methods of the law enforcement professionals were challenged by the rapidly adopting and advanced practices of criminal groups. A parallel tendency is the increase in the number of accomplished social science studies in the defence sector. Although the technique of profiling has been well established in classical criminal justice, the applications linked to online contents are currently under development. Both individual and group level profiling should be analyzed and improved in relation to Internet crime because extremists and criminal groups practice illegal and destructive online activities. The present study analyses the individual and group level profiling techniques through established methods.

  • Dr. Tolvaj Ildikó ,
    Nagy Ákos ,
    Dr. Fehér Éva :

    Ever since TEK was established, regular medical examination of employees reveals different laboratory parameters in blood tests, showing malfunctioning of the thyroid. Several studies confirm the physiological relationship between the hormone, nervous and immune systems, and there are proofs indicating a connection between the dysfunction of the thyroid and posttraumatic stress disease. Therefore we decided to make our own study to find out whether the noticed parameters in the blood tests of our employees can indicate the effect of certain stress they had had in the past. We made up two groups: one with thyroid dysfunction and a control group, and then we correlated the results.