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Studia theologica Debrecinensis2016/2.



  • Udo Schnelle :

    Abstract: Cosmology is a recurrent and central issue in Pauline theology. Yet if you compare the Pauline letters on the frequency of cosmological statements, one thing becomes apparent: the cosmological statements in the Pauline letters are nowhere else as manifold and diverse as in the Epistle to the Romans. While cosmological conceptions in the remaining letters only appear in very few places, they permeate the entire letter to the Romans, moreover, they are central for the letter’s argument, right from the beginning. How to explain the centrality of cosmological thought in Romans? The thesis of the present study is that in Romans Paul has to demonstrate the weaknesses of the law so that it can remain a divine gift without possessing a soteriological purpose. In contrast to the Epistle to the Galatians, he succeeds to do so by raising the sin to a universal-negative antithesis of Christ. This argument is only possible for Paul within a widespread cosmological discourse.

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  • Damásdi Péter ,
    Berdéné Hákli Annamária ,
    Dicső Melinda ,
    Erbach Viola ,
    Kis Kendi Dávid ,
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