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The Hungarian historical review : new series of Acta Historica Academiae Scientiarum HungaricaeVolume 6 Issue 4 (2017.)


  • Zsombor Bódy ,
    András Keszei :
    Introduction723-724en [72.85 kB - PDF]EPA-02460-00022-0010


  • Oliver Kühschelm :
    Contemporary History as Pre-history of the Present: Analysing the Austrian Media Discourse about Investment Opportunities in the East825-855enEPA-02460-00022-0060
  • Ádám Takács :
    The Heads and the Walls. From Professional Commitment to Oppositional Attitude in Hungarian Sociology in the 1960–1970s: The Cases of András Hegedüs, István Kemény, and Iván Szelényi856-882enEPA-02460-00022-0070

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