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Sándor Gebei: The Princes of Transylvania and the Polish Throne     1

Mrs. Lakó, Éva Hegyi–Ernő Wagner : The „Kalandos” Society from Zilah (Zalău) 30

Béla D. Tóth: Transylvania on the turn of 1849–1850      42

István Kósa: The Relying-reflecting Thinking and the Interpretation of the Ge-Stell in Martin Heidegger’s Philosophy      50

Dénes Jakab: The Formations of Sovereignty        66


Emese Egyed: The Meaning of the Labyrinth         78

Emőke Király: Patrons and Protégés in the Documents of the Aranka-correspondence and of the Two Societies    89

Mrs. Tamás, Csilla Szabó: The Deverbative Verb-formation in Our Old Hungarian Grammars   98

Réka Lőrinczi: The Media-reception and the Scientific Utilization of the Transylvanian Hungarian Historical 103

Gyula Viga: Hiador Sztripszky, the Researcher of Transylvania’s Coexisting People       121

István Almási: The Morals and Perspectives of our Cantor-teaching   129

Mária Vincze–Elemér Mezei: Country Developing Possibilitiesin a Small Area Surrounding Bánffyhunyad (Huedin)         134

Ágnes Neményi–Enikő Veress: Farming and Entreprise in Transylvanian Villages   153

Kinga Telegdi-Csetri: Advertising-market in Romania between 1990–2000    162

In memoriam

Ágnes R. Várkonyi: In memoriam Professor Géza Wabrosch (1929–2000)  167

Zsigmond Jakó: Ferenc Bereczki (1921–2000)       170


Elek Csetri: A New Book about István Széchenyi and his Contemporaries   172

Ákos Egyed: Of an Indispensable Source Book    173

Elek Benkő: A German Linguist abouth the Latinity of the Balkans      174

András W. Kovács: About the Two Databases of Medieval Hungarian History      176

Annamária Jeney-Tóth: Kolozsvár’s Thirtieth-part Register       179

Melissa Bándi: The Diplomatical Corresopondence of Ferenc Rákóczi II between 1711–1735   180

Mihály Péter: Medication in the Old Transylvania   181

Imre Ungvári-Zrínyi: The Philosophy of our Vital Problems      183


Our Authors                   185


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