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Technológiai ajánlatok/igények, ill. partnerkeresések
Az Innovációközvetítő Központok (IRCs) Hálózatán keresztül 1999. január 15-e óta beérkezett válogatott tételek


Technológiai ajánlatok (TO-technology offer)

p855. TO Cell culture and in-vitro test systems for the screening of drug absorption

p857. TO Biomedical Microdevices/Interfaces between Biological and Technical Microsystems

p860. TO Technology to assist handicapped or elderly people: emil

p861. TO Recycling mixtures of solvents and plasticized (soft) PVC

p863. TO Electric and pneumatic cylinder actuators for operation of Valves, Dampers, Gates, Inlet Guidance Vance, Dampers and Throttles

p872. TO A very efficient mixed water/foam sprinkler

p875. TO Offer of a Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) for vessels

p877. TO Rapid Highly Efficient Healing Technology

p878. TO Universal water leak detector on plumbing installations

p879. TO Laserlock - copy protection system

p884. TO Magnetic sensor for repetitive and accurate positioning of mobile device like travelling-crane or trolley

p886. TO Nano- and micropositioning components and systems for custom-specific applications in industry and research

p888. TO Ammonia Synthesis at Atmospheric Pressure

p890. TO Colour impregnated end grain parquet

p892. TO Software development in the field of digestive endoscopy for the management of clinical activity and telemedicine

p895. TO Analysis of the oncosuppressor gene RB in human tumors

p897. TO A procedure for in-vitro proliferation of terminally differentiated cells through adenovirus infection and E1A protein expression

p898. TO Production of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for non-antigenic molecules

p900. TO Electrotechnical material/products for hazardous areas

p901. TO A novel, economical and efficient water treatment method for industrial and municipal waste water using microbes

p903. TO CD44 and soluble isoforms as potential personalized tumor markers

p904 TO Vehicolation of pharmacological molecules through physiological carriers, i.e. proteins, vitamins and hormones

p906. TO Polyclonal antibodies production for the diagnosis of Papillomavirus infection (HPV) in immunohistochemistry

p907. TO High throughput screening service

p909. TO Procedure for production of composite materials based on solid adsorbent layers coated on aluminium support

p911. TO Biocathalytic method of producing 3-O-acylated flavonoids

p916. TO Water decontaminator and pollutant removal by cold plasma treatment

p921. TO Flower analysis for early diagnosis of nutritional status of fruit trees

p922. TO Electrocardiographic (ECG) analysis by pattern comparison

p923. TO Resources for Teaching and Learning the Concepts of Basic Electronics

p926. TO ACE Polymorphism - Alzheimer's

p928. TO Medical Waste Disposal System for the disposal of Clinical waste at Source

p934. TO Workflow management system for CAD drawings

p938. TO Noise and vibration control know-how

p943. TO New Method for the Control of Powder Coating Layer Thicknesses

p945. TO Supression of Tumor Growth of Leukemia by Histone H1

p946. TO Treatment of low-contaminated process water from the food industry to obtain closed water cycles (under an accepted LIFE project)

p950. TO Treatment of waste water by penetrant inspection

Technológiai igények (TR-technology request)

p854. TR Glass Fibre Reinforcing Plastics (GRP) materials for pipelines application.

p862. TR Suppression of Tumour Growth of Leukemia Cells by Histon H1

p873. TR New materials for commercial refrigerators and displays (refrigerated, neutral & warm)

p880. TR Research and development of new environmentally friendly cultivation supports

p885. TR Immunodiagnostical company seeks partner in structure biology

p889. TR Synthetic Resin Based Adhesives (Artificial Horn) for horses' hooves

p924. TR Rapid prototyping technology for product design

p936. TR Increase friction of lunch-tray coated with melamine plastic

p941. TR A small size refrigerated container to store biosanitary residues

K+F Partnerkeresések (R&D PS - R&D Partner Search)

p859. R&D PS Multimedia-Real Time Databases and Compression Methods

p866. R&D PS New Nitration Technology using Dinitrogen Pentoxide

p871. R&D PS Open Source software development on Linux, Apache, php3, SQL

p874. R&D PS Intelligent Multi Agent Systems for Work Flow Control - IMAG

p887. R&D PS Combinatorial biotechnique for drug discovery

p905. R&D PS Multi-Functional Polymers for Electronic applications

p929. R&D PS Development of a laboratory diagnostic test for Kawasaki Disease

p935. R&D PS Biomineralisation/Cultural Heritage

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1999. március 4.:   EU 5. kutatási és technológiafejlesztési keretprogram
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1999. március 18.  Az EU 5. KTF és demonstrációs keretprogramja (1999-2002)
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