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Hungarian Studies ReviewVol. 22. No 2. (Fall 1995)


Tematikus cím:Special Issue: Hungary Fifty Years Ago. Introduced and edited by N. F. Dreisziger. Part 2. Review Articles

Hungary Fifty Years Ago. Part 2. Review Articles

In this special volume Krisztián Ungváry writes about the disastrous break-out attempt of the German and Hungarian forces from the encircled Buda during the final days of the battle of Budapest in February, 1945; Susan Glanz examines the platforms of the political parties that participated in Hungary's first post-war elections; Pál Pritz analyses the war-crimes trial of former Hungarian Prime Minister Lászlo Bárdossy; and N. F. Dreisziger provides commentary on Bárdossy's interrogation by American military intelligence officials in July, 1945. In Part 2 of the volume Pál Pilisi reviews French documents dealing with France's policy toward the Danubian Basin after World War I; Béla Bodó assesses a comparative work on the evolution of Budapest and New York; and S. B. Vardy writes about the recently published encyclopedia of medieval Hungarian history.

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