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Hungarian Studies ReviewVol. 22. No 1. (Spring 1995)


Tematikus cím:Special Issue: Hungary Fifty Years Ago. Introduced and edited by N. F. Dreisziger

Hungary Fifty Years Ago

In this special volume Krisztián Ungváry writes about the disastrous break-out attempt of the German and Hungarian forces from the encircled Buda during the final days of the battle of Budapest in February, 1945; Susan Glanz examines the platforms of the political parties that participated in Hungary's first post-war elections; Pal Pritz analyses the war-crimes trial of former Hungarian Prime Minister László Bárdossy;: and N. F. Dreisziger provides commentary on Bardossy's interrogation by American military intelligence officials in July, 1945. In Part 2 of the volume Pál Pilisi reviews French documents dealing with France's policy toward the Danubian Basin after World War I; Béla Bodó assesses a comparative work on the evolution of Budapest and New York; and S. B. Vardy writes about the recently published encyclopedia of medieval Hungarian history.

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