Elektronikus Könyv és Nevelés

Volume 11 – Number 2 – 2009



Pedagogy of reading

Textbooks, teaching aids

Youth literature

Outlook – News

Table of contents


Mihály Balogh: Show








Klára Vörös: The library as an educational place and as an emblem of worth     




Zsuzsa Tóth Patkós: The library of the secondary grammar school Eötvös




Mária Rákóczi Borostyáni: Educational periodicals of the web. Gathering information in the special literature




András Nádasi: Book curiosities in the library of Archdiocese of Eger






Pedagogy of reading




János Gordon Győri: Required, common and reciprocal reading. Tradition and renewal in the canon of required readings     




Csilla Tóth: Narrativity, historicity and pluralism of worth in the restart of the canon




Péter Gombos: ’Oh, tell, what you would choose?’ A teacher’s responsibility and possibilities by choosing required readings.




Veronika Szinger: The kindergartners’ literacy knowledge and activities




Balázs Fűzfa: Literature teaching – but till when? (A possible answer: literature_12_11_10_9)




Ágnes Gyeskó: Why not insist on choosing the tried and tested required readings?




Rita Péterfi: What is known about the life outside of school? (Books, which are read only for pleasure by children aged 10-12)




Emese Adoryan: Fairy-witch in the school library – an attempt at adaptation of a required reading




Katalin Bogyó Cs.: About the much to be necessary co-operation of the teacher of Hungarian language and literature and the teacher librarian in making the reading-list




Zsuzsa Juhász Peternai: Read more! – popularization of the recommended books in the secondary grammar school Endre Ady in Debrecen




Tamás Leó Szecsődi: Teaching literature and the required readings in grade 7-8. of a six-class secondary grammar school (attempts – and personal experiences of a teacher of Hungarian language and literature)






Textbooks, teaching aids




Mária Sávoly: The truth of Herodotus – in the mirror of change of attitude and method of teaching history     




László Jáki: Vendel Lakits, the author of textbooks






Youth literature




Réka Solyóm: About the style in „double mirrors”




László Jáki: Elek Benedek and the publishing of juvenile magazines






Outlook – News





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