Elektronikus Könyv és Nevelés

Volume 9 – Number 4 – 2007



Pedagogy of reading

Textbooks, teaching aids

History of education



Table of contents


Mihály Balogh: Show








Ildikó Sóron: Cultures meeting in the National Library of Foreign Languages




Ildikó Keszei: The worries of textbook supply of the bilingual section in school




Viktória Horváth: What kind of specialities are caused in our library by the teaching of foreign languages, the multilingualism?




Mrs. Ákos Sárközi: Instruction in two languages in the Mihály Fazekas secondary grammar school in Debrecen




Margit Varró: Foreign-language instruction in the mirror of library work




Sándor Czuczor – Szilvia Keszei: About the supply of the library of bilingual schools




Anett Virág: A bilingual library of a school in Brennberg     




Mrs. János Szatmári: Speculations of a teacher librarian above the boxes




Rita Tóth: Report of the children’ section of the Library of the Year




Mihály Balogh: My adventures in Mexican Libraries I.






Pedagogy of reading




János Lukáts: Only his body...?




Kornél Vajda: About the resurgent illiteracy - perhaps a bit otherwise




Boglárka Szabó Csepregi: Robertó the famous forward




Anna Adamik Jászó: The opinion of the „Szegedi Műhely” about reading




István Tóth H.: Project method in the course of language teaching




Ágnes Szombathelyi Nyitrai: The improvement and development of reading skills – Thoughts about reading and reading education in relation to a volume of essays and studies




Klára Csákberényi Tóth: Elementary schools students’ characteristics of composition






Textbooks, teaching aids




Ágnes Fischer Dárdai: Old books in the Klimo episcopal library in Pécs     




Mihály Padisák: Uncle Mike




I. S.: School in the course of politics




Etelka Tóth: Language use in a Hungarian Language Community in São Paulo






History of education




András Nádasi: Teaching Aids – Museum





















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