Elektronikus Könyv és Nevelés

Volume 9 – Number 3 – 2007



Pedagogy of reading

Textbooks, teaching aids

Youth literature

Outlook – News

Table of contents


Mihály Balogh: Show








Tibor Csík  – Zsuzsanna Celler : Report about school-supervision in school (boarding-school) libraries in 2006     




Györgyi Tarnay Supp: School-libraries for the quality improvement of national public education






Pedagogy of reading




Mihály Balogh: From the Big Church in Debrecen to the Castle in Buda. Dr. Attila Nagy reading scholar gave and interview. Part II.     




Gyöngyi Orbán: The importance of experiences of non-comprehension in literature reception




Katalin Tóth: The effects of recent communication technologies on teaching of Hungarian language




Krisztina Dán: Parallel remembrances and contemplations under colour of a methodological manual






Textbooks, teaching aids




Csaba Kiss Gy.: National self-conceptions and/or history textbooks independent of them




Kornél Vajda: I wonder is a unified European history textbook going to be composed?     




István H. Tóth: Analyses of various text-types in some literature textbooks




Klára Csákberényi Tóth: Reading and comprehension of sentences




József Bencédy: Dictionary of definitions + I–II.






Youth literature




Arnica Esterl: Children need tales




Erzsébet Kovács Gasparics: The role of tales in education in the mother-tongue




Mária Szilágyi: The role of tales in children’s personality development




Erzsébet Lévay: More than a newspaper for children






Outlook – News




Sarolta Lukátsy Sára: „Librarian do good work and talk about it!”




Borbála Tóth: About the 5th International Hispanic Conference




Klára Szakmári: Report about the KTE M.I.K.E.S conference in Transsylvania

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