Rudolf Czelnai: Congratulations to the Hungarian Learned Society

Ádám Török: Is the 20th position of Hungarian science on the (imaginary) world ranking list a realistic one?

Eörs Szathmáry: The origin of the hereditary information

István Schőn: The role of freemasonry in the foundation of the first national institutions of Hungary

István Klinghammer: What kind of species is in fact a cartographer?

Tendencies in scientific research

The Forum of External Members of the Academy (Dénes Berényi)

Balázs Gulyás: The imperative of tendencies in the research of (natural) sciences

Péter Kende: Actual trends in social science

Vince Pozsgay: A most important objective - the integration of traditional disciplines

The road we have covered

The presidential opening address of Baron Roland Eötvös (Introduced by Attila Meskó)

Hungarian medicine

Ádám Demeter: Application possibilities of NMR spectroscopy in drug design


"My dream is the combination of education and research with engineering consulting..." László Somlyódi interviewed by Zsuzsa Szentgyörgyi


American commemoration about the foundation of the Hungarian Academy (László Filep)

Book reviews

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