Editor-in-chief Rudolf Czelnai's New Year policy statement is followed by a lengthy symposium on what can be dubbed as 'Pessimism Hungarian style' - an odd mixture of low birth-rates, self-destructive life-styles, the sense of recurring historical injustices, generally low-key national self-characterizations, etc. Some of the participants, who have been selected by noted chemist Frigyes Solymosi for their scientific or cultural achievements, contest the presuppositions of the symposium while others add weight to Professor Solymosi's starting letter by enumerating corroborating evidence en masse.

Marking the 175th anniversary of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, we start a new series reprinting interesting articles from our volumes dating back a hundred years or more. As if by coincidence, the first piece dwells on some obstacles to Hungarian population growth as long ago as in 1863. It is introduced by one of today's most knowledgeable experts on demography, László Cseh-Szombathy.

We carry two interviews this month, both of which arise from the World Conference on Science held in Budapest late last June.

In our Look Afield section we print summaries of articles published abroad as diverging as one on the speed of light and another on the start of World War I.

Our Technical Hungarian piece discusses the names given in Hungarian parlance to the internet sign of @.

As usual, we cover the General Assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences held on 6th December.

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