Minorities Research
A collection of studies by Hungarian authors
6. (2004.)



Conditions of Minorities

Béla Pomogáts:
Vision of the Nation and National Strategy 8

Barna Bodó:
Identity and Diaspora Discourse 16

Levente Salat:
Visions of Minority Hungarians in Transylvania: Prospects and Obstacles 33

Minority Culture

Patrik Tátrai:
Ethnic Identity Along the Hungarian-Slovak Linguistic Border 64

Béla Pomogáts:
The Figure of Rákóczi as Reflected by Literature 87

Minority Politics and Minorities Rights

Niederhauser Emil:
Minorities and International Organisations in the Long 19th Century 98

Erzsébet Szalayné Sándor:
International Law in the Service of the Protection
of Minorities Between the Two World Wars 106

Balázs Majtényi:
The UN and the Protection of Minorities 128

Minorities history

Klára Papp-János Barta Jr.:
Rákóczi's Insurrection and Minorities in Hungary 142

Béla Köpeczi:
Romanians and Rákóczi's Insurrection 158

Ferenc Pölöskei:
Ferenc Deák at the Time of the Compromise Negotiations 165

László Katus:
Ferenc Deák and the Minority Issue 179

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